About Us

Meet the Owners

Douglas Nevlud and Melanie Pohler Nevlud, are both born and raised in Shiner, TX.  Doug graduated from Shiner High School in 1990 and Melanie graduated from St. Paul High School in 1992.  They married in 1996 and have 2 children, Bethany and Hunter. Doug has a rich family history of butchering their own animals and processing and smoking their own sausage.  The opportunity to purchase the business presented itself in late 2015.  Currently, Doug and Melanie are both employed at Maeker's Sausage & Processing. They're especially committed to preserving the Maeker's brand's reputation for quality. 



Maeker’s Sausage and Processing had its humble beginning 50 years ago. In 1967, the Maeker’s opened a family-run grocery store right here in Shiner and began experimenting with several different types of smoked country sausages in the meat market of their store.

While the company was still in the grocery business, the owners realized that there was a high demand for quality smoked sausage. For this reason, the Maekers built Shiner’s first state meat plant in 1972.   

The company sold its grocery business in 1980 and went exclusively into the commercial meat business. The Maekers increased their capacity, added to their product line, and started servicing other small grocery stores. 

In 1989, with the purchasing of the Patek Family’s Meat Plant, the Maeker’s company grew to its third location where it began offering custom slaughtering and processing to its customers. At this time, Maeker’s started supplying its sausage to HEBs and shortly thereafter, their range expanded to include Wal-Marts.

What began as a mom and pop grocery store in 1967 has expanded over the decades. This success is a reflection of dedicated customers and their ability to recognize a quality product. 

Late 2015 was a year of transitions for Maeker’s Sausage and Processing. The company, owned by Robert “Tinky” & Martha Maeker, sold the business and plant to a new set of owners, Doug and Melanie Nevlud, natives of Shiner.  They are committed to keeping Maeker’s Sausage and Processing a family-run business with a focus on quality, as well as keeping the original 100 year-old sausage recipe intact. One of the first improvements was expanding the onsite meat market an additional 720 sq ft in 2016 to be able to offer a greater variety of fresh meats and frozen products.  In 2018 an additional 4,400 sq ft was added to the facility of new coolers, vak pack room, and 2 new smoked ovens in order to serve our customers’ demands as well as developing new sausage products to sell to the public. They currently employ 16 full-time employees and 4 part-time employees.